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Steel & Trucks is a company dedicated to the manufacture of automotive parts with CNC machines and presses. Our market includes the manufacture of automotive parts such as hangers for the support for exhaust pipes, chassis, car cabins, wire forms for seating systems, closing systems, handles and levers for industrial jacks, steel bar bending for automotive, tow hooks, aerospace, steel bar bending for medical applied furniture, electric towers, hybrid and electric cars. We are certified in IATF 16949:2016


CAD, EDI, Industry 4.0

Part of our success as a world-class company is the development of our software to control and monitor our process and data.


We have specialized licenses in CAD technology used in the design and generation of our tools. Our engineers have extensive experience in design, adaptation and development of parts used in prototypes, samples and high production. Always updated to give the best performance in each piece made.


We have automated EDI communication through our ERP which guarantees correct communication between plants.

Industry 4.0

We have a software development area which applies the principles of Industry 4.0 in our production line. Our technology provides what is necessary to guarantee production on time and an efficiency above 85%


Steel & Trucks

Our Special Services:
Profitable Development of New Resourcing Parts
Timeline of 4 to 6 weeks in new production developments
Manufacture of spare parts in 72 hrs
Manufacture of urgent prototypes in 72 hours



At Steel & Trucks we manufacture hooks, brackets, wire forms and hooks for chassis, cabs, mufflers, exhaust systems and seats for the automotive industry as well as levers or handles for the automotive industry.



Steel & Trucks S.A de C.V. is a company that performs forging, cutting, bending and welding of steel parts with different applications such as:



At Steel & Trucks we manufacture hangers, brackets, wire forms, welding assemblies and tow hooks for the automotive industry mainly for the exhaust system, chassis, cabs, seating system, closing system, washers, panels, bumpers, hood prop rods, battery support, levers for hydraullic jacks, between others.

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Steel & Trucks produces parts for the best automotive brands in the world, such as GM, FIAT, BRP, NISSAN, TOYOTA, VOLKSWAGEN, HONDA, FORD, CHRYSLER between others. Our capabilities include development for combustion, hybrid and electric car parts.
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